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Events & Training Schedule

Welcome to the Faculty Center’s Workshop Schedule.

Click the Registration link for an event or workshop to view additional workshop details and to register.

Workshop Resources

Workshops by Term

If this training schedule does not load, click Fall Faculty Center Events & Training Schedule.

If this training schedule does not load, click Spring Faculty Center Events & Training Schedule.

If this schedule does not load, click Previous Faculty Center Events & Training. Workshops from the previous 90 days are listed below. Previous workshops cannot accept registrations.

Workshop Resources

Accessing Zoom

Faculty Center Workshops that are conducted through Zoom require participants to sign-in with their Georgia Southern institutional account. Instructions for signing in to Zoom with your Georgia Southern institutional account can be found at Accessing Zoom for a Faculty Center Workshop.

Earning Badges

To earn badge credit for a workshop or event, complete and submit an action plan for each event. See our Badges page for a full explanation of the requirements for earning a badge.

Instructions for accessing your badges can be found at Accessing Your Badges in Badgr.

Faculty Center Professional Development Transcripts

You can view or print your training transcripts at the Faculty Center Professional Development Dashboard.

Instructions on printing your pre-FY23 transcripts from GoSignMe Up can be found at Printing Your GSMU Transcripts.

Last updated: 12/4/2023