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Badge Details

The Faculty Center Badging Program is designed to assist faculty in documenting professional growth in teaching, research, scholarship, and leadership development. Seven (7) Badge Tracks allow faculty to show breadth of training across topics and Six (6) levels show depth of training. Through action plans and capstone reflections, faculty will create evidence of, and showcase commitment to professional growth

Badging Process

To learn more about the badging process.

  1. Register for a workshop on the Workshop Calendar webpage
  2. Following the workshop, you will receive an automated email with the following Action Plan prompts:
    • Give a 2-3 sentence summary covering the workshop’s highlights and what content was the most informative and useful for you. 
    • Describe how you will implement a tool, strategy, or idea from today’s workshop in your teaching or professional context.
  3. Following the submission of 4 Action Plans in a Badge Track, you will receive an automated email with the following Capstone Reflection prompts:
    • What strategies and/or knowledge gained from this workshop most influenced your approach to teaching?
    • Review the action plans you created after attending each workshop for this badge. List implemented ideas and briefly describe the process of implementation.
    • Assess the effects of those implemented changes. What was successful? Provide concrete evidence of how student learning improved or benefitted from your changes  (student behavior, test scores, feedback received, etc.)
    • Explain plans for future growth, implementation, further training, incremental improvements, etc.

Note: You will be asked to sign a Letter of Consent when completing the Action Plan and Capstone Reflection prompts as the Faculty Center is conducting a SoTL Research Project titled “Critical Teaching Behaviors: A Framework for CTL Programming Assessment Beyond Satisfaction Surveys.” Agreement to participate in the study is NOT required to participate in the Badging Program.

Badging Partners

The Faculty Center has partnered up with other departments across the university to offer workshops in their fields of expertise.

    • The Faculty Center
    • The Office of Institutional Assessment and Accreditation
    • The Office of Research
    • The University Libraries
    • GS HIPs Implementation Team
    • If you have any questions regarding the badging program or would like to become a partner, please contact the Faculty Center at

Last updated: 5/10/2023