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The Faculty Center Badging Program is designed to assist faculty in documenting professional growth in teaching, research, scholarship, and leadership development. Seven (7) Badge Tracks allow faculty to show breadth of training across topics, and Six (6) levels show depth of training. Through action plans and capstone reflections, faculty will create evidence of, and showcase commitment to professional growth.

Badge Tracks

Descriptions for badge tracks can be read by clicking on a badge track in the following list.

Workshops in the EBT track will assist faculty with evidence based teaching practices for a better learning experience and greater student engagement.

Workshops in the HIPS badge track will assist faculty in exploring, designing and implementing High-Impact Practices. HIPS are active learning practices that result in deep learning by promoting student engagement. High Impact Practices include: First-Year Seminars and Experiences, Common Intellectual Experiences, Learning Communities, Writing-Intensive Courses, Collaborative Assignments and Projects, Undergraduate Research, Diversity/Global Learning, ePortfolios, Service Learning, Community-Based Learning, Internships and Capstone Courses and Projects.

Workshops in the MMA track will assist faculty in building knowledge and skills necessary to conduct program or course level assessment of student learning with an emphasis on designing processes that are manageable for participating faculty and that yield meaningful data to inform decisions about teaching, curriculum, and student success.

  • Define learning outcomes and expectations for students in your academic program or course
  • Design and implement assessment methods to track student learning outcomes achievement
  • Analyze, interpret, and use assessment data to make targeted improvements to teaching and curriculum in support of student learning goals.

The MSC track will assist faculty in building knowledge of and skills in Scholarly Communications. Workshops will cover topics throughout the research and publication lifecycle: author identifiers and scholarly profiles; journal quality and impact; author metrics and impact; researchers’ rights as authors and the role of the University’s institutional repository, Digital Commons; and data management planning and curation services.

Workshops in the PGL track will assist faculty with their professional growth related to career development and maintaining appropriate well-being. Career development will include topics such as preparing documentation for annual reviews, tenure and promotion and leadership development. Work/life balance and self-care topics such as emotional, psychological, and social well-being may be addressed.

Workshops in the RGS track will assist faculty and staff in the acquisition, performance, and administration of projects and programs funded from sources outside the University through research administration, research integrity and compliance, award management, public service, instruction, and other scholarly activities funded by external organizations.

Workshops in the TWT track will assist faculty with teaching and learning technologies that can be used in the learning environment.

How to Earn A Badge

  1. Attend four Workshops in the same badge track 
  2. Complete an Action Plan within one month of each workshop attended
  3. Complete a Capstone Reflection within one year of workshop completion
  4. A Badge will be awarded through instructions for accessing your badges 
  5. Repeat this process for additional badge tracks or to “Level Up”

To learn more about the Badging Process and Faculty Center’s campus partners, go to Badge Details.

Last updated: 9/11/2023