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Teaching with Folio Guides

Teaching with Folio is a faculty resource to guide you in using Folio to support instruction in all modalities.

If you need assistance applying the tutorials to your course, submit a Help Ticket: Faculty Center Teaching Services Request (select Faculty Center).

Folio Learning Path (FLP): This self-paced tutorial is designed to provide lessons on navigating and using Folio tools and concepts. This course can be taken as a stand-alone or as the prerequisite for the Teaching Online Courses Workshop (TOC). This course contains hands-on activities to practice Folio tools.

Register for the Folio Learning Path (FLP). This is scheduled to be implemented in SP2024.

Register for the Teaching Online Courses Workshop (TOC)

Getting Started: Accessing Folio

Announcements and Emails

Instructors can post important announcements or communicate course updates using the Announcements tool in Folio.

Assignment Essentials

Learners can use the Assignment tool to upload and submit work directly to an assignment folder in Folio, eliminating the need to email the assignment to the instructor. The Assignment tool has the ability to accept multiple submission types such as uploaded files, online text entries, and even record in-class work. Instructors can also set up individual or group assignment folders, associate rubrics, evaluate submissions, and leave feedback.

Content Essentials

Content pages or topics are built on HTML; these web pages (HTML) are the ideal file type for delivering content in Folio. HTML-built pages can be accessed from any device that has internet access. These HTML-built pages offer significant benefits over other document types – particularly the ability to read and watch content on mobile technologies easily.

Course Management

Discussion Essentials

Discussions are an important part of developing critical thinking skills. Discussion boards are also used to enhance teaching and learning in various contexts. Use the activities and resources on this page to use the Folio discussions tool and learn how to create and manage discussions in your course.

Folio Template

Google and Folio

Grade Book Essentials

The area in which student grades are managed is called Grades. When you click on Grades from the navbar you will be given two options;

  1. Class Progress: Students and instructors can view student progress and course completion. 
  2. Grades: This allows you to create and set up your grade book and post student grades and feedback.

Class Progress



Group activities recognize the value of collaboration, active learning, and social interaction in education. It aims to create an inclusive and dynamic learning environment that prepares students for real-world challenges and equips them with essential skills for future endeavors.

Import/Export/Copy Course Content

Intelligent Agents

Quiz Essentials

The Quiz tool in Folio enables you to create and manage points-measured assessments. You can use the quiz tool to help evaluate the learning progress.

Quiz Builder

Quiz – Management

Quiz – Question Library

Quiz – Set Display Options on Quiz Results


Last updated: 1/18/2024