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Perusall at Georgia Southern

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Perusall a social annotation platform integrated with Folio, offers all the benefits of a discussion board with many added advantages. Instead of assigning reading that students may or may not complete before posting to a discussion thread, Perusall allows you to upload an interactive text that students read through the platform. Students can highlight the text as they read, but they must leave a comment for their highlight to stick. Other students can see and respond to their comments, creating a discussion thread alongside the text.

Perusall uses LTI 1.3 to integrate with Folio. Once you have set up Perusall as an LTI app inside your LMS, students can launch Perusall through their LMS without having to log into Perusall separately.

Set up Perusall Integration (LTI 1.3) with Folio

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Last updated: 10/3/2023