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Part-Time Faculty Support

The Faculty Center supports all faculty in our vision to promote reflective teaching and to further student success.

Thanks to our part-time faculty, Georgia Southern can offer students flexibility. In return, the Faculty Center offers the same for your professional development and teaching resources.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Faculty Center for teaching support by submitting a Teaching Services Request.

Event Calender to find webinars that suit your schedule.

Registration: Be sure to register to receive the meeting link.

  • Our Teaching at Georgia Southern page contains course design, delivery resources, and teaching strategies.
    We highly recommend using the Georgia Southern University Folio Template created, maintained, and provided by the Faculty Center. Please note: FYE courses should already have a modified Folio Template built into the course.
  • The Faculty Center has created a Web Accessibility Manual to help your course meet ADA guidelines.
  • The Faculty Guide for Teaching houses video and written tutorials on Folio tools, integrations, and pedagogy. Follow the link and log in to access. This resource opens in Folio.
  • Be sure to subscribe to The Faculty Center’s YouTube Channel to explore our recorded videos of tutorials and past events. Subscribe to The Faculty Center’s YouTube playlists.

Look through our Professional Development Page to view the services and programs available to all faculty.

Can’t find what you need? Submit a Teaching Services Request

Last updated: 10/23/2023