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Lightboard & Design Studio

The Faculty Center’s Lightboard Studios, on both the Statesboro and Armstrong campuses, allow faculty to increase student engagement success with their class content by creating dynamic videos. With the same level of comfort that presenting with a whiteboard has, these dynamic videos inherently use the Dynamic Drawing Principle, which describes how students learn better when presented with “live” drawings of a concept versus previously created, static images. Lightboard videos show students how to work through course content in “real-time”, such as constructing diagrams, solving simple and complex formulas, and developing an analysis for abstract or concrete issues, rather than traditional videos of a static image with a voice-over.

The Lightboard Studios are set up as “self-service” studios. Once set up, simply click record. Video editing can be done in YuJa or YouTube by the faculty member, or the Faculty Center can assist with editing.

Come by the Lightboard Studios to experience how you can increase student engagement and success with dynamic videos.

Watch a Demonstration

Dr. Peter Rogers, Department of Civil Engineering & Construction Management


  • Simulates face-to-face teaching methods
  • Engages and captures students’ attention with eye contact and gestures
  • Presents your content to students in a way that is natural and familiar
  • Lightboard videos add a personal feel in the online platform
  • Enhances flipped methods
  • Your strengths are visible
  • Ideal for STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), but appropriate for any discipline using symbols, drawings, equations, formulas, illustrations, and diagrams to explain complex processes.

Last updated: 5/17/2023