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Copy Course Content

Folio allows you to copy course components from one semester to another.

Copy All Components:

  1. Open the course you would like to copy the course components into.
  2. From the minibar, click on the settings wheel in the upper-right corner of the course screen. 
Click on Settings then import/export/copy componenes
  1. Select [Import/Export/Copy Components]
  2. Select [Components from another Org Unit] (class)
Search course offering
  1. Click on the [Searching for Offerings] button
  2. Type the course name you wish to copy from
  3. Click Search
  1. Place a mark next to the course you wish to copy the component from
  2. Click the [Copy All Components] button. You will receive a checkmark once the system is finished processing.

Copy Selected Components:

Last updated: 6/30/2023