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Accessible Video and Audio Accommodations

Accommodations for videos and audio ensure lecture and course content is accessible to students. Most accessible videos include captions and audio descriptions and are navigable by the keyboard. Accessible videos may look slightly different, depending on the students’ needs.
Below are resources using the campus-approved software for recording video lectures.


If the videos are in YuJa and you own or can edit them, you can generate and edit the automatically generated captions. A link to detailed instructions for editing captions on YuJa videos can be found in the Tutorials and Training tab at My Media – YuJa | Learning Technology Support.


If the videos are on YouTube and you “own” them, you can edit the captions. Detailed information can be found at Editing or removing captions – YouTube Help.
If the videos are on YouTube (or Vimeo), but you do not “own” them, you can add captions using While there is a “paid” subscription, the free subscription should suit your needs.

Google Drive

If your videos are in your Google Drive, and you want to keep using the videos located in Google Drive

  1. Upload the videos to YuJa or YouTube (can be private)
  2. Apply and correct captions
  3. Download captions file from YuJa or YouTube
  4. Upload caption file to Google Drive video.

More information can be found in the Google Drive Help Document: Add caption tracks to your video files.

Last updated: 11/10/2022