Dual Enrollment
Georgia Southern University


Applying for On-Campus Housing

Students are permitted to live on campus while participating in the dual enrollment program. If they choose to do so, they will be responsible for all costs associated with on-campus housing.

Students that choose to continue at Georgia Southern after high school graduation are required to live on campus, unless they are eligible for an exemption. Click here to learn more or apply for on-campus housing.

If you have applied to live on campus, you must sign your housing contract and pay your housing deposit before you will be able to register for classes. You will receive your housing assignment no earlier than April 1, 2019 from University Housing.

First Year Live On Requirement (FYLOR)

Dual enrollment students that wish to continue at Georgia Southern after high school graduation are subject to University Housing’s First Year Live On Requirement. Many students are eligible to be exempted from this policy, as most dual enrollment students live in one of the counties included in the exemption. For more information on the First Year Live On Requirement and the exemption policy click here.

Please know that if students do not apply for on-campus housing or complete an exemption request for the First Year Live On Requirement, a hold placed on their account, which will prevent them from registering for Fall 2019 classes. Students should either apply for housing or complete the exemption request form as soon as possible.

Last updated: 8/24/2018