Dual Enrollment
Georgia Southern University

FYE 1220: First-Year Seminar

FYE 1220 is a two-hour seminar that serves as an academic, theme-based introduction to college-level inquiry and extends the orientation process into a student’s first semester at Georgia Southern. FYE 1220 exposes students to a variety of topics such as information literacy at the college level, academic and non-academic resources, goal setting and planning, and time management. The course in an opportunity to research topics the student enjoys as well as to meet other students and a faculty member with similar interests. For these reasons, students are encouraged to select their theme very intentionally. Click here to view themes.

Traditionally, students take this course in their first semester of college. Dual enrollment students are encouraged to do the same if their schedule allows, unless they are planning on applying to the Honors Program at Georgia Southern. Honors students are required to take an honors section of the course, even if they have already taken FYE 1220 as a dual enrollment student, unless granted an exception from the Honors Program. Dual enrollment students who choose to attend Georgia Southern after high school graduation must take this course if they have not already done so. Students who wish to take the course while in the dual enrollment program should let their advisor know.

Exemption Policy/Waivers
Waivers for this required course are only available to students who began the dual enrollment program before Summer 2016. Those students must have attended Georgia Southern full-time for two semester or have 30 credit hours earned at Georgia Southern (this does not include hours earned from AP exams).

Students who choose to attend Georgia Southern after high school who began the dual enrollment program in Summer 2016 or later must take FYE 1220 regardless of hours earned. Students have the option and are encouraged to take FYE 1220 while in the dual enrollment program, as it is an approved course, but it is not required until matriculation after high school graduation.

Last updated: 8/24/2018