Dual Enrollment
Georgia Southern University

Program Overview

Dual enrollment allows high-ability, self-directed high school students to challenge themselves through college coursework. Students can take a single course or enroll full-time, and some students graduate high school having earned as much as two years’ worth of college credit. More than 700 students from over 30 high schools participate each semester across the three campuses of Georgia Southern University.

Dual enrollment is free to students in most cases. Exceptions are course specific fees, such as lab fees, as well as parking and housing fees should students drive to or live on campus. Dual enrollment students have access to almost all resources and programs on campus, from free tutoring, to the Writing Center, campus recreation, student media, and even athletic events.

While participating in dual enrollment, students have the opportunity to prepare for college by exploring possibilities for majors. Nationwide, most students declare a major upon entry to college, but many do so without knowledge of what their program entails. While dual enrollment students do not have majors while participating in the program, they do have the opportunity to gain a strong understanding of what their majors will require through conversations with their advisor and faculty. Students can also explore potential careers related to those majors with the staff at Career & Professional Development. This process is valuable whether students eventually enroll as degree-seeking students at Georgia Southern or attend college elsewhere.

Last updated: 8/28/2019