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What To Expect

We are excited to have your student as a part of the dual enrollment program. We understand that you may have a lot of questions surrounding the program and Georgia Southern in general. We developed this website to answer your questions and to provide you with resources to help your student be as successful as possible.

MyGeorgiaSouthern Family Portal

Family members are encouraged to create an account for the MyGeorgiaSouthern Family Portal. The Family Portal is a resource for families to access university news, information, and services. Please note that students must grant access to their family members. Once granted access, families may also gain access to some student records.

Please visit the Parents and Families website for more information. For instructions on how to create a Family Portal account, click here.

Eligibility vs Readiness

The initiative and academic rigor that are required in college are very different from those required in high school. Therefore, we encourage parents to consider the maturity level of their students. Check out the graphic below which describes some of the major differences between high school and college.

Major and Career Exploration

At Georgia Southern, academic advisors will assist your student, in cooperation with their high school counselor, to choose classes that will not only fulfill high school graduation requirements but also potential major requirements.

The Dual Enrollment program encourages students to actively explore majors and potential career fields. Many majors have specific math and science requirements and, in order to make the most of the credits earned while dual enrolling, students should explore these requirements.

Check out our Focus Areas and Major Exploration page for more information!

The Major and Career Exploration Center is a great resource for students that are still researching potential majors and careers. The center provides an avenue for students to explore the majors available at Georgia Southern as well as careers related to these majors.

Last updated: 6/9/2021