Dual Enrollment
Georgia Southern University

Exploring Majors for your Child

Major exploration is a part of every dual enrollment advisement appointment. Dual enrollment students are encouraged to actively explore majors while taking classes at Georgia Southern. Many majors have specific math and science requirements and, in order to make the most of the credits earned while dual enrolling, students should be exploring these requirements.

More information on the majors that Georgia Southern offers.

The Major and Career Exploration Center is a great resource for students that are still researching potential majors and careers. It provides an avenue for students to explore the majors available at Georgia Southern as well as careers related to these majors.

Find information on how students’ credits taken as a dual enrollment student transfer to another institution.

The Office of Career & Professional Development also offers a free assessment, called the Focus test, to evaluate students’ interests, values, and skills to identify possible occupations and majors that match personal characteristics. Students can find more information and instructions on how to take the Focus test here (this link requires that students are logged into their Georgia Southern email account).

Last updated: 8/9/2019