Dual Enrollment
Georgia Southern University

Eligibility vs. Readiness

When evaluating whether or not your student is ready for college-level coursework, look beyond GPA and standardized test scores. If your student displays any of following, you may wish to reconsider whether or not he/she enrolls in the dual enrollment program at Georgia Southern:

  • Disorganization
  • Perfectionism
  • Easily overwhelmed
  • Unassertiveness
  • Unwillingness to ask for help
  • Over-reliance on parents

The initiative that is required in college is very different from that required in high school. Therefore, we encourage parents to consider the maturity level of their students. The academic rigor of college classes is also significantly more challenging in college than high school. We have created a graphic which displays some of the major differences between high school in college, which can be found here.

At Georgia Southern, we expect that students be prepared to choose classes that will not only fulfill high school graduation requirements, but also major requirements. This requires that students actively explore majors while participating in the dual enrollment program. Under the Parents tab above you will find a page with information to help your students with the major exploration process.

Some of the main differences regarding expectations and student behavior between high school and college include the seriousness of academic integrity, attendance requirements, cell phone use, events and co-curriculars, accurately using syllabi, and the frequency and types of interactions that students have with professors. These are topics that are discussed at SOAR, Georgia Southern’s new student orientation, and things that we encourage students and parents to discuss and be aware of.

Last updated: 10/27/2017