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How will I be advised for classes?

Advisement for classes will look different depending on what kind of dual enrollment student you currently are. 

  • Newly admitted dual enrolled students can click here for more information regarding advisement. 
  • Continuing or currently enrolled students can click here for more information regarding advisement. 
  • Graduating dual enrolled students can click here for more information regarding continuing at Georgia Southern and future advisement. 

Where can I find information on AP scores and how I submit them?

See this resource on the Admissions website.

What if I need to change my class(s) or drop a class?

Students are allowed to alter their schedule without penalty from the time that they register until the end of drop/add, which is during the first week of every semester (check the academic calendar for more information on when drop/add is). As long as you are simply switching times and not switching classes you can make the change on your own (for example, switching from College Algebra to Trigonometry would not be allowed without talking with your high school counselor and updating your academic advisor).

Failing to receive approval from your high school counselor on any course changes could result in issues processing your dual enrollment scholarship funding.

Classes may be dropped in EAB, on the same screen that you add classes. For more assistance with registration questions, click here.

To get out of a class after the end of the drop/add period, you would need to withdraw from the course before the last day to withdraw deadline, typically the middle of the semester. You can view the last day to withdraw deadline on the academic calendar.

Please note that after your second withdrawal, you are no longer eligible to receive any dual enrollment funding. 

What if I want to drop or withdraw completely from Georgia Southern?

Contact your advisor, notify your high school counselor, and complete the Voluntary Cancellation/Withdrawal form. You will not be able to withdraw completely without completing this step. Please note, this is to completely withdraw from all of your classes for an entire semester. 

Where can I find information on Immunizations?

All students attending classes have to submit official records. Information can be found on the Health Services website linked here

What if I fail a class?

You will need to talk with your high school counselor and your Georgia Southern academic advisor to discuss if being in college at this time is right for you. It is important that parents and students understand that these courses are a part of a permanent academic record and there is no way to remove them from your transcript.

Please note you can not receive dual enrollment funding for a class that you have previously failed.

If I choose to come to Georgia Southern after high school graduation, do I need to attend SOAR?

Yes, you will be required to attend a SOAR session. This is where you will receive your schedule for your first semester as an undergraduate student and meet your new advisor. You can find more information regarding SOAR linked here.

Will the credits I earn at Georgia Southern transfer to other universities?

The credits you earn through dual enrollment will typically transfer to any other institution; however, it is dependent on the other institution on how it will be evaluated. We recommend checking with your intended institution to see their transfer policy. If you are looking at attending a USG institution, the Credit Transfer Tool located on GA Futures can be very helpful. More information on that can be found here

To request your Georgia Southern transcript be sent to another institution, follow the directions linked here

What all do I need to do to enroll at Georgia Southern as a dual enrollment student? Follow the steps listed here in order to be accepted. After you go through the advisement process, you then just need to finish completing the steps on the new student checklist. Your advisor will communicate all of the important next-step information with you as well.

Last updated: 7/26/2023