Dual Enrollment
Georgia Southern University


General Advisement
How will I be advised for classes?

You will be contacted by your advisor at the beginning of each semester for advisement. You will meet with an advisor in the Exploratory & Dual Enrollment Advisement Center, located in the Williams Center, Suite 1001 on the Statesboro campus and Student Success Center on the Armstrong campus. Click here for a campus map.

Are there courses that require prerequisites?

Yes, students will be subject to prerequisite requirements for courses. For example, students will have to take Composition I (ENGL 1101) prior to taking Composition II (ENGL 1102) unless a student has successfully taken and secured a score of 3 or higher on the Advanced Placement exam (Official AP score reports must be sent to Georgia Southern through the College Board). Advanced Placement scores required to earn credit at Georgia Southern can be found here. Please note: some math and foreign languages often list specific prerequisite courses “or equivalent” preparation at the high school level. These prerequisite requirements will be discussed in advisement.

Can I take any classes that I want?

You can register for other courses outside the approved course list, but you must pay for those courses out of pocket. Also, you must meet all requirements to take courses, such as prerequisites and permission from your high school counselor.

What if I fail a class?

You will need to talk with your high school counselor and your advisor to discuss if being in college at this time is right for you. Georgia Southern does reserve the right to counsel students on the appropriateness of college registration. It is important that parents and students understand that these courses are a part of a permanent academic record.

Registration and Schedule Changes
What if I don’t register early?

Students are expected to register themselves for courses promptly when priority registration opens. In order to ensure a seamless registration process, students should check and clear their accounts of holds in WINGS (click here for information on holds) in addition to having their courses and CRNs planned. If you do not register in a timely manner and the classes that you need are full, there is little that can be done. At that point you would need to contact your advisor.

What if I need to change my class?

Students are allowed to alter their schedule without penalty from the time that they register until the end of drop/add, which is during the first week of every semester (check the Important Dates tab for more information on when drop/add is). As long as you are simply switching times and not switching classes you can make the change on your own (for example, switching from College Algebra to Trigonometry would not be allowed without talking with your advisor). Classes may be dropped in WINGS, in the same screen that you add classes. If you need assistance, please contact your advisor.

What if I miss the first day of class?

Georgia Southern has a strict first day attendance policy. If you do not attend the first day of class, you will be dropped and there is no guarantee you can be added back to the class.

What if I need to drop my class?

You can drop a course up to the 4th day of class. After that time, it is considered a withdrawal. Please know that if you withdraw from a class that is needed for high school graduation, you will have to discuss this issue with your high school counselor. If you withdraw from a course you must notify both your high school counselor and your advisor. You can drop your classes in WINGS; however, you cannot drop or withdraw from all of your classes through WINGS.

What if I want to drop or withdraw completely?

Contact your advisor, notify your high school counselor, and complete the Voluntary Cancellation/Withdrawal form. You will not be able to withdraw completely without completing this step.

Matriculating at Georgia Southern after High School Graduation
Do I need to apply to Georgia Southern University again?

You should notify your advisor and complete the Continuing Student Form to let the Office of Admissions know that you are interested in attending Georgia Southern after high school graduation. They will work to update your record without an additional application. You will need to be accepted as a beginning freshman by submitting the following items:

  • Updated high school transcripts
  • AP/IB scores (if applicable)

You are also able to apply for academic scholarships. To learn more, contact the Office of Admissions or visit the Scholarship tab. You may need to submit updated SAT or ACT scores to be considered.

All students must follow the Georgia Southern First Year Live On Requirement. Please be sure you take care of this hold with University Housing by March of your senior year of high school.

If I choose to come to Georgia Southern after high school graduation, do I need to attend another SOAR?

Yes, you will be required to attend again. This is where you will receive your schedule and meet your new advisor.

Other Questions
Can I join a fraternity or sorority?

Dual enrollment students are not eligible to join fraternities or sororities because they have not graduated from high school. This is strictly enforced by Fraternity and Sorority Life.

What is SOAR and do I have to attend?

SOAR is Georgia Southern’s mandatory orientation program. All new dual enrollment students must complete an online orientation. You will receive instructions on how to access and complete it after you have been advised.

Where can I find information on AP scores?

See this resource on the Admissions website.

Where can I find information on Immunizations?

All students attending classes have to submit official records. Information can be found on the Immunizations tab.

Where do I send my AP scores?

Have College Board send your scores to the Office of Admissions.

Last updated: 8/9/2019