Dual Enrollment
Georgia Southern University

New Students

New students beginning the dual enrollment program will receive an email with information regarding advisement and next steps after they have been formally accepted by Admissions. Students that are awaiting admission are encouraged to review options for advisement in the tab above.

If you have already been accepted, welcome! Please follow the instructions in the email that you received and you’ll be off to a great start.

All students in the dual enrollment program must meet for advisement each semester. One purpose of advisement is to ensure that students are enrolling in classes necessary to meet high school graduation requirements, as outlined on their Student Participation Agreement completed by their high school counselor.

Advisement for new students is particularly important because it is when they are introduced to essential processes such as navigating My.GeorgiaSouthern, the course search, and WINGS. A key part of advisement also includes the opportunity to discuss majors and plans for the future.

After you have been accepted by Admissions you will receive an email to the email address that you used when you applied to Georgia Southern with information on how to sign up for advisement. After signing up for advisement you will receive a confirmation email with the location of your advisement appointment or session.

New Student Checklist (to be completed after advisement)

The items below are to be completed after students have been advised for classes. Click each item below for instructions and more information.

Register for Classes

After advisement, find and select your course(s) using the Course Search (don’t forget to write down your CRN(s)!). After finding the courses you wish to take, log into your MyGeorgiaSouthern account to access WINGS. Once in WINGS, click Student, Registration, then Add/Drop Classes. Select the term for which you wish to register. Next, enter your Alternate Pin/Registration Access Number (RAN) which was given to you at advisement and can be found at the top left of your advisement form.

After entering your RAN, the next screen will ask for the Course Reference Number(s) (CRNs), which can be found in the Course Search. After entering the CRN(s), click submit changes. The page will refresh and “Web Registered” will be showing beside the class(es) for which you registered. For more information and a visual aid, you are welcome to watch the video below, which is usually shown at SOAR.

How To Register For Classes
Sync Georgia Southern Email Address to your Cell Phone (if possible)

It is important to you check your email daily. An easy way to do this is to sync it your cell phone if you have one! For questions on how to sync your email please contact IT Services at: http://its.georgiasouthern.edu/help/student-help/

Submit GAfutures (formerly GAcollege411) Dual Enrollment Scholarship Application

Students must complete their GAfutures Dual Enrollment scholarship application every academic. Students attending a private or public high school should complete the online application. Students that are part of a home study program are now able to complete the application online as well but will still be able to complete the paper application if they choose to.

Complete the online orientation for dual enrollment students

Dual Enrollment students are required to complete an online orientation, not an on-campus session. Information will be provided by Dual Enrollment academic advisors in the Exploratory & Dual Enrollment Advisement Center. Only advised Dual Enrollment students are able to access the online orientation. New students will be given access by their advisor after their advising appointment.

Send an official AP Score Report via College Board (if applicable)

If you scored a 3 or higher on any AP exams, you may be eligible for credit at Georgia Southern (check here to see needed scores). If you wish to be granted credit for passing scores, please send the official AP score report via College Board to Georgia Southern.

If you have earned college credit through other means, for instance you have dual enrolled at another institution, you must send official transcripts from those schools to Georgia Southern. Please email Devon Hodges if you will be sending a college transcript so that your credit can be applied as soon as possible.

Complete and Submit Immunization Forms to Health Services

All new students must submit three immunization forms. These forms must be completed and submitted to Health Services before you will be able to register for the next term. If this is not taken care of in a timely manner, there will be a hold placed on your account which will prevent you from registering for classes. If you have any questions regarding these requirements, contact Health Services at 912-478-5641.

Purchase Parking Permit (if applicable)

If you plan on driving to campus, you must purchase a parking permit, as they are not covered by the dual enrollment scholarship. In order to increase your chances of receiving a parking permit in a close proximity to your classes, wait to purchase your parking pass until after you have registered for classes.

Most dual enrollment students (unless they are living on campus) will qualify for a Commuter Permit or Carpool Permit. For more information, including lot availability, cost, and contact information, click here.

Get Eagle ID Card

All students must have an Eagle ID Card, which is Georgia Southern University’s identification card. Your Eagle Card will grant you access to sporting events, the RAC, and various other things on campus.
It is important that you have your Eagle Card before you attempt to pick up your textbooks (more information on the textbook pick up process can be found below).

Once you have been admitted into the program you are able to go and pick up your ID card. To get your card, visit the Eagle Card Services which is located inside Dining Commons in Statesboro and next to the Fine Arts Building in Armstrong. They are open Monday-Friday from 8AM – 5PM. You will need to show a government issued photo ID (a permit/driver’s license will suffice) and have your picture taken to be printed on your card.

Pick Up Textbooks the Week Before Classes

Textbook rentals are provided to students free of charge for classes on the approved course list as part of the dual enrollment program. You must be present and you must show your Eagle ID Card to pick up your textbooks from the bookstore. You will also have to take a signed Textbook Rental Agreement with you to pick up your books (this will be sent to all students via email). For more information on textbooks, click here.

Check Student Account in WINGS for Course Fee(s)

As a dual enrollment student you are responsible for Course Fees, which generally range between $20-$55 and are attached to many sciences courses, hybrid courses, and physical activity courses. Course fees will not show until after you register for classes and are due by the first day of class. Click here for more information on Course Fees.

Attend the First (and every!) Day of your Classes

Georgia Southern has a first day attendance policy. If you do not attend classes on the first day in most instances you will be automatically dropped/removed. To ensure that you know where to go on the first day, and to make it there in a timely manner, locate your classroom buildings using the campus map. Be sure to do a walk-through of your schedule before the semester starts. Students taking online courses will need to complete an attendance verification assignment by the end of the first day of classes.

Additionally, be sure to pay close attention to your classes’ attendance policies. Each professor at Georgia Southern makes up his/her own attendance policy. Absences due to high-school related events do not have to be excused by Georgia Southern faculty, and in most instances are not excused. If you will be missing a class due a high-school obligation, it is best to notify your professor beforehand and ask if there is anything that you can do to make up any missed work.

Group Advisement Session Information

Instructions on parking and navigating to the group advisement session location will be sent to students in a confirmation email after they sign up for a session. Group advisement sessions do not always take place at the same location.

One-On-One Advisement Information

The Exploratory & Dual Enrollment Advisement Center is located on the first floor of the Williams Center in Suite 1001 on the Statesboro campus and inside the Student Success Center on the Armstrong campus. The entrance to use into the Williams Center is beside the base of the radio tower which is easily seen from the Pedestrium. Please do not use your GPS to navigate to the Williams Center, as it will not take you to the correct location.

Please use this map to find parking locations for visitors. Visitor parking is highlighted in orange and consists of 30-minute parking spots.

Clicking the map above will take you to the University’s Campus Map.

Last updated: 6/29/2020