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GAfutures and Approved Courses

Public or Private High School Counselors

Dual enrollment students attending public or private high schools must complete a GAfutures Dual Enrollment Scholarship Application before funds and fee waivers can be applied to their Georgia Southern accounts.

For more information about the application process, visit the GAfutures Dual Enrollment Funding Application website.

If an error is present on a student’s GAfutures Dual Enrollment Funding Dashboard, then Georgia Southern’s Financial Aid Office will deny funding approval. If this happens, counselors will need to make appropriate corrections. For example, if a student registers for a class that was not submitted by their counselor, the approval will be denied by Financial Aid.

Home Study Programs

The Dual Enrollment funding Program Application for students and Home Study Parents is also available online.

Approved Courses

In order for students to meet with their Georgia Southern academic advisor, advisors must have approved courses submitted by their counselors either through the GAfutures Dashboard or via Georgia Southern’s Dual Enrollment Advisement Google Form. The Google Form is emailed to high school counselors at the beginning of each semester. If you need access to the form, please contact us.

Students must have a minimum high school GPA or test scores for math placement.

For a list of all Dual Enrollment approved courses, click here.

Non-State-Funded Courses

Students must complete the Non-State-Funded Approval Form for courses not eligible for dual enrollment funding.

Students submit the form to their academic advisor at the time of advisement.

For more information about non-state-funded courses, click here.

Last updated: 12/22/2020