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Welcome to Georgia Southern University’s Dual Enrollment Program!

Dual Enrollment enables current high-school students to take college-level courses at Georgia Southern, often at little or no cost. Dual Enrollment is available at all three campuses, the Armstrong Campus in Savannah, the Statesboro Campus, and the Liberty Campus in Hinesville.

Why Dual Enroll?

While participating in dual enrollment, students have the opportunity to prepare for college by exploring majors of interest. Dual enrollment students do not have a declared major while participating in the program but have the opportunity to gain a strong understanding of what their future majors will require through conversations with their advisor and faculty.

Students lounging in common area.

DE Student Experiences

“Dual enrollment at Georgia Southern University has been a great way to prepare me for my freshman year. I have done online and on-campus classes and both have given me lots of exposure to what a college class is really like. Dual enrolling at GS was a great decision, and I can’t wait to be there full time in the fall!”

Peighton Brown, Former DE Student

“Being able to complete my entire freshman year of college before I even graduated high school was definitely an amazing opportunity and challenge. During the process, I also discovered what I was passionate about and what I’ll do for my future career.”

Macy Norton, Former DE Student

“The classes were more challenging than high school classes, but it helped me to be more independent and be more prepared for college. I really enjoyed getting access to college classes and campus facilities.”

David Liu, Former DE Student