Campus Conversations on Diversity

Matters of diversity affect everyone on our campuses. Thus, everyone should have the opportunity to join in the conversation! The Office of Diversity and Faculty Development hosts a Campus Conversation on Diversity that rotates on all three Georgia Southern University campuses throughout the year. Topics range from race relations to LGBTQ topics of interest and information to religious perspectives and beyond. Campus Conversations focus on ALL THINGS DIVERSITY. The goal is to inform and increase awareness on our similarities and differences and learning that differences do not make a difference; rather, it’s the judgements people have about those differences that create problems and barriers to creating an inclusive environment. Check out our calendar, a Campus Conversation on Diversity is coming to a GS campus near you soon!

Champions of Diversity – Coming Soon

At Georgia Southern, everyone has the opportunity to contribute to creating a campus environment that is inclusive. However, some persons are known to go that extra mile to make sure students, faculty, and staff have a positive experience on our campuses. They are unsung heroes and we celebrate them. Every month during the semester, someone from one of our campuses will be recognized as a Champion of Diversity. We will honor them on this website and inform the university community of their noteworthy efforts.

Last updated: 12/17/2018

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