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Foundations in Teaching: Graduate Teaching Certificate


The certificate provides a record of your initiative and effort to develop important teaching skills and should not be thought of as an evaluation of your teaching. Graduate students who complete the certificate program will be better able to teach in a broad range of settings, making them more attractive candidates for colleges and universities who are recruiting skillful teachers and for other employers who value the transferable skills associated with effective teaching. Furthermore, completion of the certificate will indicate that you have shown initiative in seeking opportunities for continuing education (an attitude indicated as important by 9 of 10 employers, according to a 2013 National Survey of Business and Non-Profit Leaders).

Participation in the certificate program and associated learning community:

  • Creates  a place for you to engage in conversations with graduate students from a variety of disciplines
  • Provides you with transferable skills in the areas of communication, leadership, project management, 21st century skills, and lifelong learning. See the learning outcomes chart for more details.
  • Provides you with formal recognition for your interest in teaching as part of your graduate education
  • Helps you prepare for the job market


» Enroll in the Certificate Program

You will be responsible to ensure completion of all requirements as listed below in the term that you register. If you find that you will need an additional semester to complete the requirements, please contact us as soon as possible



Teaching and Learning Essentials Seminar (offered in August, December, May).

Other requirements

  1. Actively participate in the Graduate Student Learning community 
    • Attend a minimum of 4 (out of 6) learning community meetings per semester. Meetings are 60 minutes long. Dates and times will be determined based on the availability of the group members (and invited presenters). At each meeting we will address your observations and questions on teaching before discussing a teaching topic chosen at the beginning of the semester.
    • Be prepared to discuss the topic chosen for the meeting as well as recent experiences and reflections on teaching and learning or professional development with the group members.
  2. Observe a minimum of 2 class sessions 
    • Take notes on classroom activities and behaviors, then meet with the instructor to discuss observations and questions. Write and submit a reflection stating what you learned from the observation. You are responsible for contacting the instructor(s) you wish to observe prior to the observation to ask permission and coordinate the best date/time for the observation. The class you observe must be a class you are NOT enrolled in as a student.
  3. Choose two of the following electives 
    • Participate in a CTL workshop that addresses a topic of interest (outside the learning community meetings). Share any insights from this workshop at the next meeting of the learning community.
    • Participate in a workshop on teaching with Google Apps or other technologies (hosted by CT2). Share any insights from this workshop at the next meeting of the learning community.
    • Attend a conference session focused on teaching and learning. Submit a brief reflection on the session including the session title and conference name/date and share any insights at the next meeting of the learning community.
    • Prepare and facilitate a graduate learning community meeting on a teaching topic of interest (in consultation with CT2 staff).
    • Prepare a 10-minute video workshop on a teaching topic (in consultation with CT2 staff).
    • Arrange for a mentorship experience with a faculty member. As part of the process, you will need to contact the faculty you would like to work with about their availability. In the initial contact include a list of topics/questions that you wish to discuss with your mentor so they have a better idea whether their expertise will be a good fit for you. You should plan to meet your faculty mentor 3-4 times throughout the semester for about 30 minutes each. Contact Lauren Barbeau at for more information prior to reaching out to faculty.
    • Complete the Safe Space Training (facilitated by the Counseling Center).
    • For TA2s only: arrange for a teaching observation by a CT2 staff or a faculty member in your department. Submit a reflection stating what you learned from the observation.
    • For TA2s only: arrange for a CT2 staff to collect mid-term feedback from your students. Mid-term feedback may take the form of a student focus group or a paper survey. Submit a reflection stating what you learned from the feedback.
  4. Complete and submit a Teaching or Professional Development Portfolio
    • The portfolio must provide evidence of completion of requirements (as listed above). It should further serve to showcase your initiative and engagement in professional development opportunities, which can be included with job application materials.

Options for more in depth engagement:

If you choose to continue your participation in the Graduate Student Learning Community for additional semester(s), we encourage you to participate in one of the following intensive programs. Participation in multi-session programs during the second (or other consecutive semesters) can be substituted for the required observations and electives. You are eligible to earn COOP 6090-CT2 credit for each semester in which you complete the course requirements. Additionally, you will be recognized for your participation in these multi-session programs with a certificate of attendance.

  • Complete the CT2 Course Design Institute (10 hrs plus individual work on course)
  • Participate in a CT2 Book Discussion Group (7.5 hrs plus reading time)
  • Participate in the CT2 Teaching Academy (10 hrs plus time for preparation and reflection)
  • Complete the CT2 Online Teaching Certificate (10 hrs plus worktime, this certificate course is offered online)

Transcript Notation

You have the option to enroll in COOP 6090-CT2 and added to the “Teaching Foundations” email list to receive updates on our learning community meetings and other events.

After successful completion of all requirements (see below), COOP 6090-CT2 will be listed on your transcript. This course is listed as a 1cr course, however it does not count towards minimum credit hour requirements. There is no fee associated with this course. The grade assigned in this course is V. If you are unable to complete the requirements in one semester you may re-register  for the course in the following semester. However, the maximum time allowed to complete all requirements and receive course credit is 2 semesters. The course will be offered in Fall and Spring semesters only.

Contact Dr. Lauren Barbeau– or 478-0078–for more information.

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