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YouTube Videos

GS faculty and staff have YouTube accounts attached to their GS email accounts. You can access your YouTube account after logging into your Georgia Southern email account through the apps menu.

Uploading Videos to YouTube

Upload Videos to Youtube – Located in grid or direct access to Youtube site.
Please note that the Upload icon has changed to a movie camera icon in the latest version of Youtube.  Also, note on the Upload page that the default setting when uploading videos is “Public.”  If students don’t want to share the videos with others, they will need to change this setting to “Unlisted.” 
Then, students could grab this URL and place it a Dropbox or Discussion activity in Folio.

Adding Closed Captions to Your YouTube Videos

This video explains how to manually add Closed Captions to videos uploaded to your YouTube account. YouTube also has an automatic captioning feature, but you will need to edit the transcription for errors.

Automatic Closed Captions

YouTube will add captions automatically to your videos within 24 hours. However, the accuracy of automatic captioning is hit or miss, and you will need to edit the captions under the Subtitles and CC tab in your Video Manager.

» Editing Automatic Closed Captions

Searching YouTube for Closed Captioned Videos

Many YouTube videos have already been closed captioned.  You can search for closed captioned videos by adding CC to your keyword search.

Example: “gutenberg press, CC”.

Other Youtube video tips:

Last updated: 9/5/2018

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