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Clickers allow you to gather instantaneous feedback from students. They can be used to assess pre- and post-lesson knowledge, provide a springboard for class discussion, and collect attendance information.

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Which clicker system is supported by Georgia Southern University?
The campus standard is i-Clicker.

How do students register my clicker?
i-Clicker is fully integrated with Folio so that registration can be done quickly and easily from within the Folio course page (External Learning Tools). See instructor here to add the i-Clicker registrations for your course.

How do students change their i-clicker channels?
To avoid possible interference across classes, each classroom on campus will be assigned a clicker frequency such as AA or AB. Instructors can set this frequency when initially setting up the course, and the settings will remain for the entire semester. For students, instructions for setting a clicker frequency are on the back of each i-clicker–along with instructions for everything you need to know for general clicker use!

My students have registered their clickers, but why is the registration still not appearing in class?
You (instructor) may need to re-synchronize the gradebook to get the latest registration information. It may be that you have not done this since your students have all finished registering. If you are sure this is not the reason, verify that the student IDs match to your roster. Students can print out their registration confirmation if needed. You may also have your students use the Remote ID Lookup Tool to generate a printable confirmation. Students need to register through Folio rather than site.

Does my student have to register their remotes for each class?
No, your students only need to register once. Once registered, their student information will automatically apply to all of their classes in which they are enrolled and using i-clicker. If you want students to respond to questions during class anonymously or you simply want to receive classroom feedback then you don’t have to require students to register their i-clickers.
Note: If students exchange their clickers or share their clickers this may cause an issue with the clicker registration. Students can share clickers as long as they are not taking the same courses. Because registration is tied to their student ID/names in your roster. Students cannot share clickers for the same class/section.

What do my students do if they need to use a different clicker for my class?
If your student needs to borrow/purchase another clicker during your class:

  • Have the student repeat the registration process using the new clicker’s ID.
  • From the i-Clicker classic main page, Select Course: Loan clicker; enter the clicker ID# and select the student’s name; Save.


Last updated: 12/20/2019