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Creating a Social Presence Tool Kit

The tools in this collection – reviewed and approved – can help you humanize your online and blended courses by establishing a social presence.

 What does it mean to humanize your course?

Adding a human element to online components of a course can help build a sense of community and open channels of communication. The goal of humanizing a course is to personalize online content and build relationships that can positively impact engagement and support learners in achieving course outcomes.

Laptop and coffee

Tools that Deliver the Human Touch

EdPuzzle – A free tool to create educational “mashup” videos for the Online Classroom. Learn how to use EDPuzzle to create educational mashups using YouTube videos, Khan Academy Videos, TED Talks, National Geographic videos, and much more. You can add your own voice to the videos, you can add comments, and multiple choice questions. An instructor can even upload his/her own custom videos.

Jing – A free tool used for adding basic visual elements to your courses. With Jing, you can create screen recording up to 5 minutes and link them to your LMS. Jing provides a method of answering student questions using links to personalize recorded explanation. Jing may also be used to create annotated screenshots for documentation purposes.

Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite – CaptureSpace Lite is the new Kaltura app that streamlines the video recording, editing, and uploading process.  It combines painless recording, automated publishing, and interactive viewing to enable easy video capture in class, at the office, at home, or on-the-go. Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite is integrated with Folio.

Kaltura – Record video lectures and convert PowerPoint presentations into digital movies and publish them to Folio. You can also use other apps to create a video.  Save the video files as .mp4s or .mov file types and upload them directly into Kaltura My Media space.

YouTube – A free tool to record, caption, edit, and embed your videos. Create embeddable videos, playlists, online slideshows and add text annotations to engage students in deeper inquiry. The Youtube video option is often offered to our students for use in the online learning environment.

Accessibility meets Usability

Accessibility Meets Usability

Grackle Docs – Grackle Docs is a Chrome Addon that automatically checks your Google Docs against accessibility standards and can create PDF onto your Google Drive.

ScreenCastify – A free tool to record, edit, annotate, store, and share video screen captures. Record a specific tab or your whole desktop at the click of a button. This free version limits recording time to 10 minutes per video, has a watermark, 50 videos per month, and has certain features turned off like .mp4 export and editing tools.

Colour Contrast Analyzer – This free Chrome extension allows you to analyze text color contrast problems on a web page according to WCAG2 requirements. It will evaluate the page as it appears in the browser. You can choose to analyze a portion of your web page or the entire ‘visible’ content.

YouTube Closed Captioning – A free service offered by YouTube that automatically creates captions to youTube videos. If automatic captions are available, they’ll be automatically published on the video. Captions are a great way to make content accessible for learners.

Communication Image

Communication and Interactions

WebEx – Create asynchronous conversations in voice, video, or text. Share your screen, media files, and documents. Create your own personalized meeting room, webinars or online office hours. WebEx is integrated inside Folio and is “free” to faculty and students at Georgia Southern University. Simply open your Folio course page and go to “Online Rooms” to access it. – This free tool allows you to create an online whiteboard that can be shared (using a link) with students. Students with the link can write and read using this tool in real-time.

Remind – A free communication tool that helps teachers connect instantly with students. Send quick, and simple messages to any device. Learn how to setup and maintain a Remind Classroom. Reach students where they live – on their cell phones without sharing your phone number.

GroupMe – Free group messaging that works like a private chat room for small groups. It works on any device (mobile or computers) even works over SMS. Add anyone from your phonebook and they will immediately be able to chat with groups.

i>Clicker – Clickers are a great way for professors to gather information instantaneous feedback from students without introducing too much disruption into a lecture. i>Clickers can be used to assess pre and post-lesson knowledge, provide a springboard for class discussion, and collect attendance information.

Poll Everywhere – Conduct formative assessments, increase student engagement, and foster a deeper learning with a free web-based student response system that works easily with Google Slides, and PowerPoint.

Google Docs – This free web-based application allows you to share documents, and spreadsheets with your colleagues or students. It’s a great tool for group projects.  Files can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. Google Docs is compatible with most presentation software and word processing applications.

Google Hangouts – This free web-based application helps to bring the world to your classroom. Quickly set up conference calls with up to 15 participants with audio and video. Share your screen or other documents in a synchronous environment.

YouTube Live (formerly known as Google Hangouts on Air)

Tool to make beautiful content

Tools for Creating Beautiful Content

WIX – Wix has something for everyone! Whether you’re a faculty member or a student. Wix provides all the tools and features you need to build an amazing website or ePortfolio FREE. As a free Wix user, you get unlimited use of an advanced design platform.

Piktochart – A free online infographic design applications that require little to no effort to produce beautiful professional grade graphics.

Flickr – Download and reuse beautiful images to help make your pages visually attractive. Flickr also integrates with Folio, simply click on insert stuff and upload your images.

Getty Images – One of the world’s largest stock photo agencies.

 Other Tools for communications

Other Tools for Engagement

Socrative – Online Student Response application that can help with effective classroom engagement.  Instructors are able to connect with students as learning happens. Instructors can quickly assess students with prepared activities or on-the-fly questions and results.

Kahoot – Is a game-based website that allows students to respond to multiple choice questions. They will receive points for each correct answer given.The faster they respond the more points they earn. – Engage students with comic strips. Create them yourself or have students create them as part of an assignment.

Moovly – Online video animation software.

Social Media – Social Media sites are good to use to increase student engagement. This would include sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,


Last updated: 5/30/2018

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