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Google Friday’s Workshops

Google Friday’s Workshop Descriptions:

Google Fridays

Master the suite of Google applications. This session will provide an overview of the features of Google Apps, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Hangout, Google Slides, Google Sites, Using Departmental accounts, YouTube with Google, and more.


Google Apps Updates – Your ship of awesome has come in! Join us for an update session on the latest changes and services in your Georgia Southern Google account. Learn about the MANY additional services and features offered. If you haven’t attended a Google Apps class in a few months, or if you just like piping hot updates, this session is for you!

Google Chrome – Chrome isn’t your typical browser.  It has a host of applications and extensions that allow it to do things most browsers can’t.  There are several excellent addons that are essential for educators that save you time, enhance teaching, and support student achievement. Learn about managing multiple users, apps, and themes as well.

Google Communications Email/Calendaring – In this session, you will learn the essentials of Gmail and Calendar, focusing on organization, efficiency, search, and reducing spam. Keep your inbox clean, keep your schedule organized, and never lose an email again.

Google Drive Addons – If you are familiar with Google Drive and are ready for the next level, then this session is for you. Learn about the incredible addons for Google Sheets and Docs – addons that give you more fonts, let you create email and document merges and help you automate processes like grading quizzes, agreement forms, and much more.

Google Forms – Forms is one of the most powerful tools in the Google Apps suite. With forms, you can quickly and easily create and distribute electronic forms to anyone, and then manage the data received.  You can export and analyze the data, even perform automated actions on the data, such as emailing or document merging. See how you can use this tool for your professional and academic needs.

Google Hangouts – Google Hangouts brings the world to your desktop, and by extension, to your classroom. Quickly set up conference calls with up to 15 participants, all with video, audio, desktop application sharing, and content presentation.  Hangouts are available on any device or platform and have become SUPER easy to set up – you don’t need a Google Plus account or anything but your Georgia Southern or Google email.

Inbox Zero – Inbox making you crazy? Do you dread opening it? Need a better approach to managing your calendar? Google won’t make you less busy, but this session can make it easier to be busy as we explore tips and techniques for better efficiency at your desk.  Take these first steps to Gmail and Calendar mastery; your sanity may depend on it!

Google Sites for Portfolios – In this workshop, we explore Google Sites as a publishing method for Electronic Portfolios.  We will share existing samples, case studies, and templates. Participants will produce a portfolio template for students or peers to use. Skills involve creating the site, embedding Drive content, self-reflection, and modifying visual themes.

Google Slides with Poll Everywhere – Google Slides is a serious competitor to PowerPoint and has several compelling features that students will love. Learn why Slides is such a powerful software for presenters and how easy it is to get started.  In addition, we will explore Poll Everywhere, a web-based audience response system that works easily with Slides.  Slides and Poll Everywhere can make your Instructional presentations much easier to manage and update online so you can ditch the Flash drive forever.

Using Departmental Accounts – Learn how to effectively use departmental accounts with Google Drive, email, and Chrome. We will also explore how to handle users that are “leaving the nest” and how to transfer ownership of files, email, etc. to other team members.

YouTube – There is much more to YouTube than simply watching videos.  In this workshop, we will introduce you to the Favorites list, subscriptions, ratings, and playlists. We will also help you upload videos, specify your privacy, manage comments, track viewers, and create a customized channel for your students or clients to access. Finally, we will explore YouTube’s video editor, which allows you to edit and create videos online.

Last updated: 6/1/2018

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