UPDATE: Georgia Southern moves to online instruction for all courses for the remainder of the semester effective March 30.
Visit our COVID-19 response page for full information.

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Folio Support

Folio Training Participants

Folio is Georgia Southern University’s branded version of the D2L Brightspace learning management system.  It allows faculty to share resources with, collect assignments from, provide feedback to, and update grades for students in courses across modalities. It also allows faculty to administer fully online courses.

The CTE offers regular face-to-face trainings on Folio features, but for immediate assistance, browse our library of Quickguides below or schedule a one-on-one consultation with an Instructional Designer.

Enroll in Folio Course: Getting Started with Folio for Faculty

Learn how to use Folio’s tools and features with self-paced online tutorials and audio-visual presentations. Topics include installing the Folio Foundations Online Course Template, using Folio tools such as gradebook, quizzes, online discussions, and dropboxes for assignment submissions, as well as meeting federal guidelines for Web accessibility.

All Georgia Southern faculty are pre-enrolled in Getting Started with Folio for Faculty, but sometimes a name or two eludes us. If you are not able to use the link or find the course in your Folio menu, please contact the CTE at cte@georgiasouthern.edu.

Submit a Folio Request Form

Folio Request Forms are managed by Learning Technology Support but are listed below for your convenience. If you have questions, please contact the Service Desk at (912) 478-2287.

Cross-Listing Request Form
Combine two or more sections into one Folio course. Content in cross-listed, sections including student work and grades, will be deleted and cannot be restored. Request cross-listing as early in the semester as possible. Cross-listing for each semester begins six weeks prior to the start of the semester, and no cross-listing will be completed after the second week of classes.
Submit Request
Blank Folio Course Development Shell Request Form
Please use MyTechHelp to submit a ticket and request a blank course development shell.
Submit a Ticket
Folio Student Enrollment Request Form
Enrollment is managed automatically by Banner, but if you need to override the system, make your request here.
Submit a Ticket
Folio / Publisher Integration Deployment Request Form
Integrate publishers’ content into your Folio course. Please request after courses have been cross-listed.  
Submit Request
Folio / Product Integration Request Form
Submit a proposal to add a third-party product to the list of products that can be integrated into Folio.
Submit Request

Last updated: 1/27/2020