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Tutorials – Replacement Strings

Replacement Strings – Also known as replacement text or display configuration variables, which are configuration variable (replacement text) names enclosed in { } curly braces that will automatically replace the corresponding configuration variable values. They are specially formatted code that you can put into automated emails, news items, etc to replace the need to enter information that might change from student to student.

Replacement strings are used in all tools that use HTML Editor. They are particularly useful within the following:

  • Course Homepage Widgets
  • Emails
  • News Items



You might want to send a personalized email message to each student in your class of 60, but you don’t have time to change the name in the salutation for 60 emails. Instead, you use the replacement string {InitiatingUser}, and the names of your students will be filled in for you, so you only have to send the message once.

You might want to create a News item and personalize it to each student. Create a News item and add replacement strings such as; Welcome {FirstName} {LastName} to Folio Course {OrgUnitName}  at {OrgName}.  This will be displayed to the student in a News item as, Welcome John Smith to Folio Course MATH0001-01F  at Georgia Southern University.



Replace String Description
{UserId} ID Number of the user.  This value is used internally by the system.
{UserName} Full name of the user or the username entered to log on.
{OrgDefinedId} Organization ID. This is an identifier specified by the campus for the user.
{OrgName} The name of the organization.
{FirstName} First name of the user.
{LastName}  Last name of the user.
{InitiatingUserFirstName} The first name of the initiating user.
{InitiatingUserLastName} The last name of the initiating user.
{Email}  User’s internal email address.
{TimeStamp}  The current date and time.



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Last updated: 6/1/2018