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Tutorials – Quizzes

Quizzes – Create group work areas for students.  Groups can be assigned automatically, manually by the instructor, or chosen by the student. Students can belong to many groups in the same course, and each group can have its own discussion forum and dropbox folders.

Click on the link to download or view a PDF.

Quiz Tool
Create Question Pools
Resetting a Quiz Attempt
Viewing Quiz Statistics
Creating Surveys
Submission View to Show Answers for Quizzes
Folio Quickguide Create Exam with Answer Key
Import Quiz Questions
Create and Delete Release Conditions
Regrade Quizzes

Creating Quizzes with Respondus

Click on the link to download or view a PDF.

Respondus Quickstart Guide
Word Documents for Respondus Import
Create Folio quiz with Answer Keys & Respondus

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Last updated: 9/10/2019