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Turn-It-In Folio

Turn-It-In – A service that helps educators prevent plagiarism by detecting unoriginal content in student papers.

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Turn-It-In Disclaimer: Legal Verbiage for Syllabus
Turn-It-In Dropbox Originality Check (Direct Submit)

For More about Turn-It-In please visit CATS at

For Turn-It-In Best Practices Tips and Tricks visit Turn-It-In Best Practices

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Note: Turn-It-In for Students – Each student that is accepted and enrolled in courses here at Georgia Southern University are also enrolled in a course named, “Getting Started with Folio for Students.” This course can be found by doing a search in the list of courses from a students Folio landing page. Inside this course, students can upload their papers and run it through Turn-it-in without that paper being stored in the database.

Contrary to that, if a student were to run their paper through Turn-it-in inside of their regular Folio courses the paper will be stored into this database. So, when the professor uses the Turn-it-in tool to check the paper for originality it could check against their own papers. This is why we recommend that student use the “Getting Started with Folio for Students“ to check their papers.


Last updated: 6/1/2018