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Tutorials – More Tools

More Tools – Folio provides many features through integrations, external learning tools, and multimedia to help you organize and manage your course(s) and activities. Many items here will work in conjunction with other tools in your course to help you update items quickly or interact with your students in a collaborative learning environment.

  • Finding Your Courses Find your course site(s) the first time you use Folio.
  • Copy Course Content – Copy all or part of a course site to another.
  • Rubrics – Rubrics allow you to grade your students based on a set of criteria. Students will be able to see the rubric before they submit their assignment and how many points awarded in each criterion.
  • Intelligent Agents – Let the system do the work for you!
    • Replacement Strings – These are configuration variables names (replacement text) enclosed in { } curly brackets that will automatically replace the corresponding variable values, which will allow you to let the system do the work for you.
  • Special Access – You can use the special access feature in Folio to override the availability and timing settings of a quiz for specific students, like a student who needs more time to complete the quiz.
  • Manage Dates Tool – Folio has tools that will allow you to manage various dates.
  • How to Reset a Course – A quick and easy way to empty your sandbox (This will permanently remove all content, course activities, gradebook items, and files; with no way to retrieve these items).
  • Creating a Personal Profile in Folio – Customize your profile.
  • Release Conditions – A versatile tool that allows the release of specific content when a condition is met.
  • Assignment Grader – An iPad tool that helps you to get your grading done quickly from anywhere.

Folio External Learning Tools

  • McGraw-Hill Connect –  Integrates McGraw-Hill Campus environment with Folio.
  • Respondus (Create Quizzes) –  Respondus is a Windows-based authoring tool that makes it easy to create and manage exams for Folio and other learning systems.

Folio Integrations

  • Turn-it-in – A service that helps educators prevent plagiarism by detecting unoriginal content in student papers.
  • Respondus Lock-Down Browser – An application that allows instructors to take advantage of a window-less, secure online testing environment. It is fully integrated into Folio.
  • i>Clickers – Setup and use classroom response system, run an interactive session, and integrate response data with Folio.
  • ProctorU – An online proctoring service that allows exam takers to complete an assessment at home while ensuring the integrity of the exam for the institution.


Web Conferencing

  • WebEx – WebEx is a real-time, web conferencing platform for synchronous communication.  Which allows a user to meet “live” online and incorporates audio, video, and content sharing.
  • Google Hangout – Google Hangouts includes features like video, audio, desktop application sharing, and content presentation. Google Hangouts also provides online users with the benefit of a fully interactive online course.

Last updated: 5/8/2019