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Time Management Tips

Learning to Teach Online

This five-minute video, produced by The University of South Wales, College of Fine Arts, provides some insight into the issue of time management for online instructors. Closed Captioned

How much time does it take to teach an online course?

This case study of three asynchronous courses determined that teaching each online course required three to seven hours per week, but that additional studies were needed with a variety of instructors across a variety of courses and disciplines to further pinpoint faculty time commitment.

What types of activities are time-consuming for faculty?

  • Moderating discussion forums
  • Responding to student email
  • Evaluating student work
  • Recording grades
  • Creating announcements and news items
  • Helping students overcome some technical difficulties
  • Making changes to course materials

Time Management Strategies

  • Establish a weekly schedule for instructional activities
  • Establish efficient systems for grading
  • Involve students in peer mentoring in discussion areas
  • Clear and concise instruction can reduce the number of student emails and questions
  • Timely announcements or news items can keep students informed and on task.
  • Each time you teach a course, think about how you can improve your efficiency.

Last updated: 7/16/2018

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