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Stock Photography

Getty Images — one of the worlds largest stock photo agencies — has opened up much of it’s inventory for use on non-commercial web sites without a royalty fee, as long as the images are embedded with Getty’s source code and attributions (see example).

Embedding an image in your Folio course

Step 1

Search Getty Images for and locate an image you would like use. If the image has the < / >  icon (see below) you can embed it on a page in your course. Not all images will have this feature enabled.
Getty Images

Step 2

After clicking the < / > icon, select and copy the embed code for the image.

Embed Code

Step 3

Return to Folio and open the Web page into which you wish to embed the image. Choose [ Edit ] and Insert Stuff from the toolbar. Select [ Enter Embed Code ] and paste the code you copied into the text field. Select [ Next ] and then [ Insert ].

Insert Stuff

Last updated: 5/30/2018

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