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Faculty Professional Development Day

The Momentum Approach

Our theme for this Faculty Professional Development Day will be “Building Momentum for Student Success.” Sessions will provide insight into research-based strategies for promoting student success and will provide an overview of Georgia Southern’s Momentum Approach.

The activities will allow faculty to explore the GS Momentum Approach: Academic Mindset, Transparent Pathways and Purposeful Choice.

WHAT: Faculty Professional Development Event: Building Momentum for Student Success

WHEN: November 9, Monday – December 30, Wednesday

WHERE: Asynchronous Folio Course


  • Our best estimate is to expect at least 4 hours to completely the entire course.
  • This course is not 2 months long; it is available for 2 months.
  • BONUS: After completing this course, you can submit the following documents to make you eligible for an Evidence-Based Teaching (EBT) badge!

Last updated: 9/14/2021