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It takes time and commitment to continuously enhance instructional expertise – an effort that contributes to our students’ success. The Center for Teaching Excellence recognizes that faculty do much more than warm a seat when they participate in our professional development programs.

Our badge program helps faculty document their commitment to and showcase their application of research-based pedagogies in their classrooms. With three badge tracks and three skill levels in each track, faculty have the opportunity to show breadth of training across topics or depth of training in a particular area. Consult the chart below for details on tracks and skill levels.

Action plans are to be completed within one month of the workshop. You will receive a copy of your action plan when you submit the form. Please save a copy of each action plan, capstone reflections, and badges for your records so that you are aware of your status towards a badge. You can access the list of courses that you have participated in by following the instructions here. This comes from our registration system, GoSignMeUp (GSMU). Here are instructions for accessing your badges and certificates.

Note: The Teaching Online Certificate (TOC) and Improving Your Online Course (IYOC) programs are not part of the badge program. Participants who complete the programs earn certificates.

Note: We cannot provide official attendance because there’s no registration for watching recorded webinars. To receive professional development credit in badge action plans using these recordings, faculty will need to demonstrate learning and implementation of webinar content. The brief training video playlist does not count toward badge credit.

Evidence-Based Teaching
Learning Outcomes

  • Identify evidence-based teaching strategies for student engagement and learning success
  • Select & implement appropriate strategies for your teaching context
  • Assess effectiveness of teaching strategies in achieving learning outcomes
Teaching with Technology
Learning Outcomes

  • Identify instructional technologies to enhance instruction
  • Evaluate technology usefulness in achieving course learning outcomes
  • Implement technologies responsibly and meaningfully
Professional Planning & Growth
Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify internal and external resources and opportunities for professional growth
  • Select appropriate opportunities and develop a plan to pursue them
  • Reflect on professional growth as a result of opportunities pursued

*Each semester we offer a range of different workshops in each track. 

The example below demonstrates how you might progressively level up an Evidence-Based Teaching badge.

  • Attend Course Reflection + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Student Learning Outcomes + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Performance-Based Assessments and Rubrics + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Motivating and Retaining Student Learning Gains + Submit Action Plan
  • Submit a Capstone Reflection for Assessment
4 workshops Proficiency

  • Earn Evidence Based Teaching Proficiency Badge
  • Attend Fostering Self-Motivated Learners + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Getting Started with Service-Learning + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Objective Exams + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Diversity and Inclusion Panel + Submit Action Plan
  • Submit a Capstone Reflection for Assessment + Submit Action Plan
4 workshops Mastery
  • Earn Evidence Based Teaching Mastery Badge
  • Attend Book Study Session 1 + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Book Study Session 2 + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Book Study Session 3 + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Book Study Session 4 + Submit Action Plan
  • Submit a Capstone Reflection for Assessment
4 workshops Expertise

*Please note that action plans expire one year after submission. This gives you one year from the submission of your first action plan to complete a badge. Action plans must be submitted within one month of the workshop.

Steps to Earn a Badge_Infographic

Last updated: 10/22/2021