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Training Schedule

All workshops will be offered virtually. Please register by clicking on the name of the workshop. A link to the meeting will be emailed the morning of the workshop. For additional resources, visit our Teaching Online page.

Registration: Each title linked below takes you to the University’s Training Website (GSMU) where you can register for any of our workshops. You will need to register for each event individually. Each workshop is linked to its own workshop inside of GSMU.

Badges: To earn badge credit for a workshop or event, complete and submit an action plan for each individual event. For the other requirements for qualifying for a badge, see our Badges page. Here are instructions for accessing your badges in Badgr.

Badge Abbreviations:

TWT – Teaching with Technology, EBT – Evidence-Based Teaching, PPG – Professional Planning and Growth

Recorded Webinars: Explore this playlist of recorded CTE webinars. Be sure to subscribe to the CTE channel so you are notified when we upload new videos. Please note: We cannot provide official attendance because there’s no registration for watching recorded webinars. To receive professional development credit in badge action plans using these recordings, faculty will need to demonstrate learning and implementation of webinar content.

Ongoing Opportunities
Building Momentum for Student SuccessOpen Feb 1 - May 15Asynchronous Folio ModulesEBT
Student-Instructor Rapport in Online CoursesOpen Feb 1 - May 15Asynchronous Folio ModulesEBT
Web Accessibility: Self-Paced Online Workshop Supporting Inclusive ExcellenceOpen Feb 1 - May 15Asynchronous Folio ModulesTWT
Flex Ed: Adaptive PedagogyAlways OpenAsynchronous Folio ModulesEBT
May 10 – June 30Getting Started Teaching Online Courses (GSTOC) Session 2-Self-Paced Folio ModulesTWT
May 15 - June 14Improving Your Online Course (IYOC)-Quality MattersQM Completion Certificate
June 1 – July 31Getting Started Teaching Online Courses (GSTOC) Session 3-Self-Paced Folio ModulesTWT
June 9, WednesdayReflection-Based Classroom Activities11 AM - 12 PMWebinarEBT
June 18, FridayFree Technology Tools to Teach YOUR Way11 AM - 12 PMWebinarTWT
June 22, TuesdayStudent Readiness: Returning to Campus11 AM - 12 PMWebinarPPG
June 29, TuesdayDesigning ePortfolios to Support Student Learning: The Hows, Whys, and Some Stories11 AM - 12 PMWebinarTWT
July 7, WednesdayMotivation and Gamification11 AM - 12 PMWebinarEBT
July 20, TuesdayDocumenting Effective Teaching Behaviors11 AM - 12 PMWebinarEBT
July 26 - August 9 F21 Graduate TA Flex Ed-Self-Paced Folio ModulesEBT
July 28, WednesdayBuilding a Certified Peer Observation Program: Improving Teaching and Removing Biases11 AM - 12 PMWebinarPPG
August 4, WednesdayHow to Help Students Write a Resume11 AM - 12 PMWebinarEBT

Last updated: 5/3/2021