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The Teaching Online Courses (TOC) Program prepares faculty to deliver and design online courses. Once faculty complete the program, they become certified to teach and design online courses at Georgia Southern University (GSU).

The Summer 2019 TOC Program consists of three parts: a five-week online workshop, a three-week course development practicum, and two face-to-face technical training workshops.

Summer 2019 TOC Program

  • TOC Workshop: May 20 – June 23 (5 weeks)
  • TOC Design Practicum: July 1 through July 21 (3 weeks)
Online seats are limited for the Summer 2019 TOC Program. Full-time faculty who are assigned to teach online courses during the Summer 2019, Fall 2019,and Spring 2020 semesters will receive priority placement.

1. Online TOC Workshop

During the online TOC Workshop, participants discuss and address the challenges of teaching online, time management strategies, pedagogical models for course delivery and design, facilitating online engagement, using Quality Matters for quality assurance, and Web accessibility. You may anticipate spending up to twenty-four hours to complete the workshop.

2. TOC Design Practicum

During the design practicum, faculty are paired with work with an instructional designer to help them build one online learning module that meets standards for quality course design. You may anticipate spending up to twelve hours to complete the practicum.

3. Technical Workshops

Two face-to-face, technical training workshops are needed to fulfill the final requirement and receive the TOC certificate. To sign up for technical workshops on your campus, please visit Folio Foundations Technical Workshops and search our Calendar. If you have questions about the technical training schedule, please contact your campus CTE.

  1. Folio Foundations: Building a Learning Module (90 minutes)
  2. Folio Foundations: Gradebook (90 minutes)


  • Participants who complete all parts of the program at a satisfactory level receive a Teaching Online Courses Program certificate from the CTE.
  • Our best estimate is that 40 hours will be needed to complete all three parts of the program.


  • None. No prior online teaching experience is necessary.


  • Stipends are not paid for completing the TOC Program.


Registration for the Summer TOC Program is closed. Fall 2019 registration will open late summer.

*Please log into your Georgia Southern email account prior to registration. Online seats are limited. Full-time faculty who are assigned to teach online courses during the Summer 2019, Fall 2019, and Spring 2020 semesters will receive priority placement.

Summer 2019 Registration Deadline: April 30, 2019

Last updated: 4/30/2019

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