Center for Teaching Excellence
Georgia Southern University

Official Quality Matters Course Certification

The CTE is sponsoring a limited number of opportunities to submit online courses to Quality Matters for official QM review and official QM recognition.

Contact Peter Berryman
(912) 478-1509
or (912) 478-0049


  • Eligible faculty meet the following criteria:
    • Completed the Teaching Online Certificate.
    • Completed the Course Development Program.
    • Completed the Improving Your Online Course QM Workshop.
    • Agree to the terms of the CTE’s Official QM Course Review MOA
  • Eligible courses meet the following criteria:
    • Developed as part of the CTE’s Course Development Program.
    • Taught online for at least two semesters.
    • Updated in accordance with the faculty’s IYOC Course Improvement Plan.


Courses and faculty that successfully meet QM Rubric Standards in an official QM course review:

  • Receive recognition on Quality Matters’ website
  • Are eligible to display QM’s Certification Mark in the course for up to 5 years.

CTE Online Support

The Center for Teaching Excellence online support will work with the faculty upon request to help prepare the course for review as well as assist with post-review changes as necessary.

Submit your request for official QM review and certification.

Last updated: 6/8/2018

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