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Teaching Observations

The goal of an observation is to provide instructors with feedback on teaching behaviors that promote student learning. In an online situation, an observation can be conducted on a course in progress or a past course. There are two components to teaching: design and delivery.

Observation reports are confidential, though you may choose to include yours in a teaching portfolio. For a comprehensive look at your teaching, we recommend that you pair an observation with a mid-semester student feedback session.

Face-to-Face Teaching Observations* (not currently available)

The CTE online course observation process addresses both teaching components and incorporates Quality Matters standards.

Step 1: Faculty attend IYOC – Improving Your Online Course 3 week online course. For more information about the Quality Matters course and to register, visit the IYOC webpage.

Step 2: Faculty make adjustments to their course based on the IYOC Course Improvement Plan (CIP).

Step 3: Submit a ticket through mytechhelp/Center for Teaching Excellence to request to have an instructional designer (ID) review up to three course modules and provide an online course review feedback report in an Online Course Review and Improvement Plan debriefing with the faculty member.

Optional Step 4: Depending on the faculty member’s access to grant or department funding, the faculty member can pursue a QM course review

Last updated: 7/29/2021