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Mid-Term Feedback

MidTerm Feedback Mid-Term Feedback allows you to check the pulse of your classroom by gathering information about your course from your students. We can facilitate a student feedback session regarding a specific teaching strategy or, more generally, ask your students how well they are learning.

Mid-term student feedback is a form of formative assessment that allows you to make teaching adjustments based on students’ comments about how well they are learning in your course. Soliciting student feedback communicates that you really care about the quality of your teaching and about your students. Such early intervention might yield higher end-of-course evaluations.

CTE offers two forms of mid-term student feedback:

Request a Mid-Term Feedback

  • Feedback Surveys
    CTE consultants can help you construct and administer course evaluation instruments tailored to your course goals and individual needs. We can also help you interpret responses to custom-designed instruments as well as to standard surveys such as the end-of-term SRIs (Student Ratings of Instruction).
  • Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID)
    A Small Group Instructional Diagnosis is a formative assessment of students’ learning that is especially effective in collecting feedback in the middle of the semester (between week 5 and 10). SGID is an excellent way to evaluate how well your students are learning and to consider teaching strategies that enhance student learning during the remainder of the semester. SGID usually takes about 20 minutes at the beginning or end of the class, and involves students in a small group discussion to reflect on their learning.

The steps of a teaching observation: 

  1. Request a Mid-Term Feedback
  2. The CTE colleague will schedule a consultation session to gauge your individual needs and to determine which form of mid-term feedback—feedback survey or SGID—is most appropriate for your teaching context.
  3. The CTE colleague will then come to your class and compile student feedback.
  4. Following the feedback session, you will meet with the CTE colleague to discuss student comments. You will receive a written report that summarizes student responses and, if appropriate, offers a few suggestions for implementing changes. We will also help you generate some ideas for how to discuss feedback results and address student concerns with your students.
  5. If you decide to implement changes in your teaching practice, we recommend that you schedule a follow-up teaching observation in order to receive support through the process.

Student responses on mid-term feedback are anonymous.
Mid-term student feedback is confidential and intended solely for your own purpose.

Last updated: 7/5/2018

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