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 Online consultations Teaching Consultations – Request a teaching consultation if you want to discuss teaching improvements, course design; or re-design, implementation of new teaching strategies, ideas for new activities and assignments, or any other issues related to teaching (Face-to-Face, Online or Blended).

A teaching consultation is a meeting with the CTE colleague to provide you with resources and support regarding your teaching practice. Our consultations are confidential, non-evaluative, and collaborative; they are designed to build your confidence in a face-to-face and online classroom by developing your knowledge of pedagogical practices, and by helping you generate solutions to teaching and learning challenges.

During a Consultation You Might Work On:

Request a Consult

  • Course and syllabus design
  • Strategies to engage students in active learning
  • Creating assignments
    Effective use of instructional technologies
  • Grading student’s work
  • Developing appropriate assessment tools
  • Classroom management
  • Interpreting student evaluations
  • Teaching portfolio
  • Teaching philosophy

The steps of a teaching consultation:

  1. Request a teaching consultation with the staff member in your discipline (face-to-face/Online/Blended):
  2. Depending on the consultation topic, the CTE consultant might ask you for additional documents, such as your syllabus, assignment prompt, or draft of your teaching philosophy.
  3. During the consultation, the consultant will help you establish goals for the session and assist you with developing and/or implementing strategies for improvement.
  4. While some faculty find that one consultation is enough to address their concerns, we encourage you to schedule follow-up meetings in order to receive feedback and support as you’re implementing changes in your teaching practice.
  5. Depending on your needs, a consultation might lead to a teaching observation or mid-term student feedback.


CTE teaching consultations are confidential.

Last updated: 6/27/2018

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