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It takes time and commitment to continuously enhance one’s instructional expertise – an effort that contributes to our students’ success. The Center for Teaching Excellence recognizes that faculty do much more than warm a seat when they participate in our professional development programs. We have created badge and certificate opportunities to help faculty document their commitment and showcase the application of  research-based pedagogies in their classroom. 


Certificates are awarded to faculty and graduate students who, through attending a series of professional development events, grow their knowledge of effective, research-based pedagogical approaches that support student learning, develop instructional materials for their teaching context, gather data on their teaching practice, and document teaching effectiveness and professional growth. While each certificate addresses a different area of emphasis in teaching, all require participation in face-to-face and/or online workshops and individual work. Faculty and graduate students earning a certificate invest 20+ hours into their professional development.  


Badges are awarded to faculty who, through attending a series of professional development events, learn about effective, research-based teaching practices and reflect on the implementation of these ideas and strategies into their teaching. 

Badges are offered in three tracks:

Evidence-Based Teaching
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Learning Outcomes


  • Identify evidence-based teaching strategies for student engagement and learning success
  • Select & implement appropriate strategies for your teaching context
  • Assess effectiveness of teaching strategies in achieving learning outcomes
Workshops in this track (SP19)*


  • Creating a Teaching Portfolio
  • Critical Reading to Enhance the Writing Process
  • Teaching and Reaching iGen Reading Group (4 meetings)
  • Mindset
  • Universal Design for Learning (4 part series)
  • Documenting Teaching Effectiveness through Course Planning
  • Analytic Rubrics: Development and Scoring
  • Team-Based Learning
  • Small Teaching, Big Impact
  • Service-Learning: Form, Facts, and Facilitation
  • Reacting to the Past
  • Objective Tests: Design and Development
  • Documenting Effective Teaching Habits
  • Objective Tests: Response Analysis and Interpretation
  • Global Partner Zone Training
Teaching with Technology

Learning Outcomes


  • Identify instructional technologies to enhance instruction
  • Evaluate technology usefulness in achieving course learning outcomes
  • Implement technologies responsibly and meaningfully
Workshops in this track (SP19)*:


  • Designing for Academic Integrity


  • Planning and Conducting Effective Webcast Meetings


  • Google Certifications: Follow the Google Bricked Road


  • OER Panel


  • Google: Is There a Doc in the House?


  • Lightboard: Teaching with Digital VideoPromoting Critical Reading Skills with Perusall


  • Cultivate Inquiry: Google Search and Research Tips


  • Perusall Tool Training


  • Leveraging the e-Portfolio for Integrative Learning


  • Designing Technology-Facilitated Group Work


  • Showcase Learning: Google Sites


  • Extend the Learning Experience and Build a Googley PLN


  • Keep It Together: Get Organized with Google Keep


  • Highlight How Students Learn: HyperDocs (2 part series)
Folio Foundations and Integrations

Learning Outcomes :


  • Identify Folio tools to enhance instruction
  • Evaluate usefulness of Folio tools in achieving course learning outcomes
  • Implement Folio and/or Integrated technologies to achieve learning outcomes
Workshops in this track (SP19)*:


  • Building a Learning Module
  • Gradebook
  • Making the Folio Foundations Course Template Work for You
  • Assignments
  • Creating a Teaching Portfolio with Folio
  • WebEx
  • Rubrics
  • Kaltura A/V
  • Discussions
  • Groups
  • Quizzes

*Each semester we offer a range of different workshops in each track. 

To earn a badge, complete the following steps:

  1. Select and attend 4 different workshops in a track (4 contact hours) or all 4 sessions of a book study.
  2. At the end of each workshop session, complete and submit an action plan. The action plan allows you to reflect on your take-away from the workshop you attended and set specific goals you wish to accomplish based on your learning. Action plans also provide CTE staff with feedback on whether the workshop achieved intended learning outcomes. Action plans are distributed at the end of each workshop, or you can submit the action plan online.*
  3. After completing steps one and two for each of the four workshops, submit a capstone reflection to reflect on instructional changes, their implementation, and effectiveness. Reflections will be assessed for credit with a standardized rubric. To earn the badge, be sure that your reflection meets the rubric guidelines.

You can earn a badge at three levels.

To level up a badge, repeat the above process in the same track.

4 workshopsExample (Evidence Based Teaching Track):


  • Attend Course Reflection + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Student Learning Outcomes + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Performance-Based Assessments and Rubrics + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Motivating and Retaining Student Learning Gains + Submit Action Plan
  • Submit a Capstone Reflection for Assessment
Proficiency Badge
+ 4 workshops
Example (Evidence Based Teaching Track):


  • Earn Evidence Based Teaching Proficiency Badge
  • Attend Fostering Self-Motivated Learners + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Getting Started with Service-Learning + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Objective Exams + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Diversity and Inclusion Panel + Submit Action Plan
  • Submit a Capstone Reflection for Assessment + Submit Action Plan
Mastery Badge
+ 4 workshops
 Example (Evidence Based Teaching Track):


  • Earn Evidence Based Teaching Mastery Badge
  • Attend Book Study Session 1 + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Book Study Session 2 + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Book Study Session 3 + Submit Action Plan
  • Attend Book Study Session 4 + Submit Action Plan
  • Submit a Capstone Reflection for Assessment

*Please note that action plans expire one year after submission. This gives you one year from the submission of your first action plan to complete a badge.

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