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CTE October Newsletter

Ten Tips for Dealing with Nervousness on the First Day

Are you nervous on the first day of class? Read this article by Faculty Focus to learn strategies for dealing with first day nervousness.

Ten Tips for Dealing with Nervousness on the First Day

Interesting Online Assignments to Engage Online Students

Explore some innovative techniques that online educators can use to engage your online students.
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Simple Techniques for Applying Active Learning Strategies to Online Course Videos

From Web-enhanced face-to-face courses to MOOCs, flipped, blended, and fully online courses, videos are an integral component of today’s educational landscape—from kindergarten all the way through higher education.

But there’s a big difference between watching a video and learning something from it. Videos are great for presenting visual information and emotional appeals, but not particularly effective at diving below the surface of non-visual theoretical or abstract topics or for driving critical thinking. What’s more, any video presented in class must compete for attention and memory with the five-plus hours the typical student spends outside of class watching television programs, movies, and other onscreen entertainment. (Nielsen, 2013)

To help increase the educational effectiveness of an online course video, consider applying one or more of the following active learning strategies.

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“Ticket to Class”

Flipping the classroom makes instruction far more vibrant and memorable. Discover how the University of Portland improved learning results by using video as the “ticket to class”.

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