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Google Drive

Badge Track: Teaching with Technology

Learn how using the Google Suite tools can assist you with working more efficiently. 

  • Google Drive 
    • Safeguard against losing files by storing them in one location 
    • Collaboratively create and update files with your colleagues 
  • Google Mail 
    • Edit your settings to filter emails and personalize your emails 
    • Configure your inbox to categorize emails 
  • Google Calendar 
    • Share your calendar with others 
    • Create and send meeting requests 
  • Google Docs 
    • Collaboratively or individually create, edit and share documents 
    • View history of changes 
  • Google Slides 
    • Collaboratively create, edit and share presentation slides 
    • View history of changes

Facilitator: Hollie Sisk

Last updated: 9/20/2019

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