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For Graduate Students

Teaching and Learning Essentials Seminar

This seminar focuses on developing foundational understanding of strategies and approaches that support student learning at the college level. The College of Graduate Studies requires all Teaching Assistants, Level 2 (TA2), to complete the training PRIOR to starting their teaching assignment. Priority registration will be given to TA2s who need to meet the requirement, though all grad students are welcome to attend.


Badges provide a record of your effort to develop important teaching skills and grow professionally. Graduate students who earn badges will be better able to teach in a broad range of settings, making them more attractive candidates for colleges and universities who are recruiting skillful teachers and for other employers who value the transferable skills associated with effective teaching.

Additional Services

We are available to consult with all graduate students interested in teaching, regardless of whether they are teaching or not. Consultants can provide feedback on syllabi, course calendars, lesson plans, teaching portfolios, teaching philosophy statements, and any other teaching-related materials. Learn more about consultation options.

We encourage TA2s to take advantage of teaching observations and mid-semester student feedback. Schedule an observation, mid-semester student feedback session, and/or consultation by clicking the “submit a teaching services request” button.

Last updated: 12/19/2019