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Event Calendar


Each title linked below takes you to the University’s Training Website (GSMU) where you can register for any of our workshops. You will need to register for each event individually. Each workshop is linked to its own workshop inside of GSMU.


To earn badge credit for a workshop or event, complete and submit an action plan for each individual event. For the other requirements for qualifying for a badge, see our Badges page.


Badges :TWT-Teaching with Technology, EBT-Evidence-Based Teaching, PPG-Professional Planning and Growth

Location: (S)-Statesboro, (A)-Armstrong, (L)-Liberty


All workshops will be offered virtually through Fall 2020. Please register by clicking on the name of the workshop. A link to the meeting will be emailed the morning of the workshop.
For guidance on moving courses online, visit our Teaching Online page.

July 6, MondayFlex Ed: Adaptive Pedagogy for Unpredictable PathsSelf -PacedOnlineEBT
July 7, TuesdayUsing OER with Other Materials: Yes! It's Possible12 PM - 1 PMGoogle MeetEBT
July 7, TuesdayFolio: Gradebook2-3 PMOnlineTWT
July 8, WednesdayUsing OER to ensure ALL Stories are Told!12 PM - 1 PMGoogle MeetEBT
July 8, WednesdayTests, Quizzes, & Assignments with Google Forms3-4 PMOnlineTWT
July 9, ThursdayAddressing Challenging Student Situations9 AM - 10 AMGoogle MeetPPG
July 10, FridayHow to Talk about Race in Educational Settings10 AM - 11 AMGoogle MeetPPG
July 13, MondayDiversity, Equity & Inclusion Terms for Beginners10 AM - 11 AMGoogle MeetPPG
July 13, MondayGoogle Tools for Recording Lectures with Whiteboards3-4 PMOnlineTWT
July 14, MondayE-service-learning and online community engagement2 PM - 3PMZoomEBT
July 15, WednesdayFacilitating Online Discussions in Both Synchronous and Asynchronous Environments11 AM - 12 PMZoomEBT
July 15, WednesdayCustomize a Learning Path with Release Conditions & Replacement Strings1 PM - 2 PMOnlineTWT
July 16, ThursdayFolio: Build a Learning Module10-11 AMOnlineTWT
July 17, FridayCombating Microaggressions & Diversity Resistance10 AM - 11 AMGoogle MeetPPG
July 17, FridayDiscussion Board Alternatives11 AM-12 PMOnlineTWT
July 20, MondayNew Faculty OrientationOnline Class
7/20/2020 - 8/7/2020
1:30 AM - 5:00 PM (EST)
Asynchronous ModulesPPG
July 22, Wednesday Creating Videos in Folio Courses3-4 PMOnlineTWT
July 23, ThursdayHumanizing Your Online Course11 AM - 12 PMZoomEBT
July 27, MondayTeaching in a Site Synch Classroom9:30 AM - 10:30 AMAsynchronous ModulesTWT
July 28, TuesdayStrategies and Tools for Asynchronous Group Work10-11 AMOnlineTWT
July 30, ThursdayFolio Boot Camp for Emergency Preparedness1-3 PMOnlineTWT
July 31, FridayPerusall Training: Get Students to Read11 AM-12 PMOnlineTWT
August 3, MondayFlex Ed: Adaptive Pedagogy for Unpredictable Paths Self -PacedOnlineEBT
August 3, MondayFolio Boot Camp6 PM - 8 PMGoogle MeetTWT
August 5, WednesdayFolio: Build a Learning Module2 PM - 3 PMGoogle MeetTWT
August 6, ThursdayFolio Boot Camp10 AM - 12 PMGoogle MeetTWT
September 4, FridayStudent-Instructor Rapport in Face-to-Face Classes11 AM - 12 PMZoomEBT
September 18, FridayStudent-Instructor Rapport in Face-to-Face Classes11 AM - 12 PMZoomEBT

Last updated: 6/9/2020