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Youth Programs for Summer

Summer 2022 Dates Coming Soon!

Get ready for an epic summer with fascinating and fun programs that let kids explore their interests in-depth. Virtual programs allow participation from anywhere, and in-person options are located on the campus of Georgia Southern University in Statesboro and Savannah.

We continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control and the Georgia Department of Public Health. In-person camps will follow guidelines that are in effect at the time of the camp.

WAIVER REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION: Georgia Southern University offers a variety of programs that bring minor participants to campus. We are committed to best practices that will provide a safe and healthy environment for all who participate in these programs.  Each minor participant must have a youth program waiver form submitted prior to the start of the program. Please complete the Youth Program Waiver Submission Form to download and submit the waiver during the registration process.

LEGO Robotics

Child hands working on lego robot
  • Statesboro In-Person

Dream, design, build and program a LEGO robot! During this high-voltage week, our mini-engineers will build a robot and learn basic programming skills in a way that’s specially tailored for them.

Minecraft Modders

Minecraft Modders logo
  • Virtual

Use your favorite game to learn the basics of modding and the foundations of programming. Learn scripting and logic statements as you create your first mods! Introductory coding will also be taught through a simulated environment inspired by Minecraft. Returning students can create more advanced projects that build on previous years.

Minecraft Redstone Engineers

  • Virtual

Take the next step beyond simply “playing” Minecraft and become a true Redstone engineer. Expand your Redstone knowledge by constructing your own carnival with a variety of mini-games, roller coasters, and attractions powered by Redstone. Learn how to use Command and Structure blocks to incorporate them into your builds. Activate your skills and take your Minecraft structures to the next level!

ROBLOX Coders & Entrepreneurs!

ROBLOX logo and characters
  • Virtual

Discover how to code in the Lua language while playing and designing worlds in ROBLOX®, an online universe where you can create anything you dream of. This new class combines game design concepts, coding, and fun! Young entrepreneurs will also learn how to navigate ROBLOX’s fast-growing marketplace to publish their games.


  • Virtual

Unlock the power of ROBLOX® Studio, the world creation tool used by real-world ROBLOX® developers! Learn how to build 3D models and create an adventure in your ROBLOX® world. Bring characters to life with unique animations you design.

SAT/ACT Test Prep

Summer is a great time to prepare for the SAT or ACT exam. We offer a wide variety of classes to fit your schedule.

Last updated: 9/22/2021