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Pre-Conference Workshops

NYAR 2024 Pre-Conference Speakers COMING SOON!

Dardi Hendershott Presentation: Supporting the Wounded Educator: A Trauma-Informed Journey Toward Personal & Professional Wellness

We can’t give what we don’t have! Expanding on information in the presenter’s book, attendees will participate in an engaging, validating, empowering format based on a practitioner-developed wellness model. We will discuss how trauma and/or secondary trauma can contribute to compassion fatigue and address other obstacles to implementing meaningful self-care. Participants will be resourced with strategies for mental, physical, emotional, and professional health to support overall wellness. You matter, what you do matters, and your hope matters, so let’s look at ways to support your journey.

Gina Moore Presentation: Beyond Mad, Sad, Glad: Using Art to Build Emotional Granularity

The ability to identify and articulate specific emotions helps us make sense of and respond to emotional experiences, but when all we know is angry, sad, or happy, the result is often an impulsive reaction that does little to process the experience in a healthy way. In this high-energy, interactive session we will explore how visual art can help adolescents become more emotionally aware so they can “name it to tame it.” Participants will leave with their own artistic creations and some new creative tools for building community in their own programs. Come ready to engage and get creative!

March 3-6, 2024   |   #NYAR24

Last updated: 9/20/2023