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Forté Communication Intelligence™

What is Forté?

Forté is a French word meaning one’s strengths. The assessment is designed to help people better understand their individual styles of communication, as well as better, understand others. It has been used and validated internationally for almost 43 years. Forte is a lifespan process.

How is Forté different from other assessments?

Forté is the only online assessment that provides a picture of your natural preferences and how you are adapting them to other individuals and environments. It can be taken online in as little as 5-8 minutes! Forté provides insight into how other people may see you as you adapt.

Forté should be used when:

• Seeking personal or interpersonal performance improvement
• People and performance converge
• The organization is experiencing significant change
• Accelerating results by accelerating communication
• New leaders need to better understand how their communication style most likely impacts others in the workplace

What are the benefits of Forté?

Improve business results through focused, seamless communication
• Accelerate new leaders or team member’s emersion into the organization
• Focus on strategic initiatives by bridging communication gaps

Last updated: 10/7/2022