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Teacher Education & Development

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We offer many professional development opportunities that are coordinated and delivered in partnership with the College of Education’s faculty and staff.  Customized programs offer solutions to meet the rising demand for developing your teachers.  Highly skilled professionals can assist in assessing your needs and developing programs that offer solutions for any size school system. With several delivery options available to meet your specific needs, you can choose to have courses delivered onsite at your location, online, on-demand or even hybrid.  

Examples of what we can offer: 

ESOL Teachers: Participants will learn strategies and structures to engage English learners in ways that give them access to content concepts and develop their English language skills.

Special Education:  Participants will learn strategies to differentiate instruction for students with disabilities as well as ways to effectively work in a co-teaching context.

PBIS: Participants will learn strategies and structures to identify and support positive behaviors in the classroom and the broader school context.

Urban Education:  Provides students with an opportunity to engage in an exploration of the issues that affect urban education from multiple frames of reference. If you are interested in bringing Georgia Southern faculty to your school or district to provide on-site professional development, please contact Deedee Southerlin.

Success Story:

School system earns state award after implementing customized training


Last updated: 3/10/2022