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Lean Six Sigma


Dan has provided training on many occasions, as well as my six sigma green belt certification. KT Analytic Trouble Shooting, Project Management, i-TRIZ and on other continuous improvement tools. Dan has a great personality and is very good at connecting with his audience and tailoring the training to the needs of the group…Dan is hands down one of the best business resources and trainers I have encountered.”    – Stephanie P.
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The Six Sigma method provides organizations the necessary tools to improve processes and elevate performance.  This is done by improving business processes so you can increase performance and decrease process variation.  This helps lead to a reduction in product or service defects and improves profits, employee morale and quality of products or services. 

Lean Foundations for Six Sigma

This course will offer a basic overview of the different tools used in Lean and Six Sigma (LSS). This includes Six Sigma process stages: define, measure, analyze, improve and control; and the Lean toolkit: Pokayoke (mistake proofing), Kanban, Kaizen (continuous improvement) and downtime. This course will also identify the different ways in which Lean Six Sigma can benefit an organization.

Lean Foundations for Leaders

This course will introduce company management to the principles of LSS and the basic steps to set up and manage an LSS initiative within an organization. It will also assist leaders in transitioning to an LSS culture, coaching and deploying LSS teams, and picking projects that will propel the organization forward.

Lean Six Sigma Leadership

This course is intended for managers and administrators who champion the Six Sigma approach to project management. Content will include:

  • example projects,
  • project selection,
  • capability study,
  • keeping track and managing six sigma projects,
  • and support of lean using leader standard work.

Coursework will also include the management principles of Toyota as a general guideline to successfully implement lean.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

This course will introduce participants to two methodologies of improvement: Lean and Six Sigma. The methodologies will use tools such as S and DMAIC to improve processes and workflow. The course teaches participants to collect and analyze performance data, identify inefficiencies and problems, pinpoint the root causes of those problems, and institute new protocols to greatly improve processes. Participants will be expected to implement the methodologies learned on a live project performed within the expected timeframe. 

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

This course will take participants to the next level by introducing advanced statistics and giving them the skills to identify opportunities for improvements, analyze data, and apply the Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques to projects that can dramatically impact an organization’s capabilities. Upon completion of training, Black Belt candidates will have the statistical tools and techniques needed to successfully carry out major organizational improvement projects. This course uses a combination of lectures, simulation and hands-on project exercises. 

Important things to note:
  • Participants with no background in LSS can complete both green and black belt training. Participants will need to register for both courses but will complete one project of the black belt magnitude.
  • Participants who have previously completed a green belt training can register for black belt training.

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